Trigger Finger Syndrome
The Cause, Effect & Treatment of this Common Disorder

The treatment of Trigger Finger Syndrome is easy …IF you know what to do. Have you seen all of the rehabilitation products online, in healthcare catalogs and on TV that are promoted by so-called healthcare experts?

Trigger Finger Adhesion

Well, they don’t work like they say they do, and the spokesperson that is dressed like a physician probably doesn't’t even have a degree in ANY healthcare field, yet you feel compelled to buy it and soon enough are sorely disappointed…are you really surprised? 

But, there is something that works well , is covered by many health insurance companies and only takes a few minutes a day to use. It's called FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™.

The technique that FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ incorporates is very unique and you might be surprised at how and why it works so well.

Let's get started and learn about the causes, symptoms and various successful and unsuccessful treatments available for the disabling condition called Trigger Finger or Trigger thumb syndrome; also known in the medical community as Stenosing Tenosynovitis.


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